Cramped and Cluttered? Give Your Refrigerator a Makeover Now!

3. Check for spoiled food.

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A no-no: Storing veggies in plastic shrink wrap

Remove the contents of your refrigerator and throw out leftover and spoiled products. Check expiration dates on bottles and jars, and if they’re nearing expiration, just throw them away lest you forget discarding them prior to your next cleanup.




4. Rearrange containers, bottles, and jars.

Cluttered Fridge2

Try arranging your bottles by height and not this way

Start with items of same height and food category and place them in their assigned shelves and racks. For smaller bottles like sauces, ketchups or dips, you can place them on a tray so they won’t get pushed back and disappear beneath all the other bigger-sized items bottles and bins.

5. Clean doors at least once a week.

Fridge Door

Practice your Karate Kid moves while cleaning (wax on, wax off…)

While keeping the inside clean really counts, you should also clean your refrigerator’s doors. Remove stains, grease and smudges by wiping the surface with a damp cloth or sponge, then wipe again with a dry cloth. Don’t forget the top—it’s where dust usually accumulates, so wipe it clean as you go.

6. Deodorize the fridge.

There are a lot of household stuff available in your pantry which you can use to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh:

Baking soda: Open a box of baking soda and simply place it on a shelf. It will help deodorize your refrigerator for a month or two.

Ground coffee: Fresh ground coffee can minimize odor. Place coffee in a bowl and leave for a few days inside the fridge. There may be a slight coffee smell left inside, but this can be easily removed by wiping the fridge clean with the baking soda solution mentioned above.

Charcoal: Just fill a bowl with charcoal and place inside the fridge to absorb odors fast.

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