Feeling bored at work? Yea, me too. Here’s 5 ways to kill boredom

“I’m bored…”

Have you ever taken stock how many times you say this to yourself mentally? How many times have you wished yourself to a far away destination? Well, don’t worry, it is normal for humans to lose focus from time to time. Here are 5 super effective ways to murder boredom at the office.

  1. Spruce up your cubicle. Nothing beats boredom like a fun activity – and although making your office desk more aesthetically pleasing might not appeal to everyone, a little bit of imagination and creativity will go a long way at removing boredom. Check this out for some inspiration at your office desk. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fanciful. Sometimes, rearranging the stuff on your desk can help immensely.
  2. Take 5 (or 10). Go for a quick coffee break at your company canteen or cafe and get some caffeine in your body or, better yet, inject some fruits into it. It will make you feel good and, seriously, your body deserves some TLC.

    Bored and yawning. We've been there before...

    Bored and yawning. We’ve been there before…

  3. Learn a new skill at work! Yes, why not? It is a top way of being proactive and if you can synergise it with your existing work – it could even be fun. There are plenty of free online courses ranging from Philisophy to Photography – all from top univeristies. Make a case to your bosses in how it will help you with your work and how the company can save money sending you to some overpriced management course. Win-win! Check out Coursera and open.edu
  4. Embrace social media (to an extent). There is a fine line here of course, you should be checking Twitter or Facebook every 5 minutes or so. But why not set in mini social media breaks throughout the day? Say once every two hours…this way, you do not obsessively waste your time away on FB or Twitter and because you space it out as a ‘reward’, it makes you look foward to it more. It creates anticipation no boredom.
  5. QUIT. Well, this is a tad drastic. But if you find yourself consistently bored at what you do and derive no real meaning or joy in your work it is perhaps time to look for another job. Of course, if you’re on alimony payments and your mortage and rent is due, it might not be the best time to do so. Find a job first before quitting and perhaps a new job and new environment is the best boredom killer.