Declutter Your Home in a Snap with these Spring Cleaning Tips!

Ready, set, clean!

Now that you’re all set, tackle the first two on your to-do list—(usually) the living and dining rooms. Pick up clutter and store them in boxes or organizers. Vacuum the floor and dust furniture, wipe windows clean and change the curtains. Check for carpet and couch stains and clean away. You can even deep clean them to get rid of all the dirt that has built up over winter.

If you have been keeping your kitchen immaculately clean, kudos to you! This is the most important part of the house since food is prepared here. If you haven’t been that keen on cleaning and just hovering on the basics, start by wiping your counter and oven clean with kitchen cleaner. Go through each cabinet and change the lining. Sort out the items in your pantry and throw out stuff you don’t need any more  Another thing to check is the refrigerator: use a safe cleaning solution like baking soda with water and wipe your ref clean. Throw out food at least once a week so that bacteria won’t accumulate inside.

Source: Wikicommons

Yeap…keep it clean.

Bedrooms can be trickier as these places hold many of our day-to-day essentials. Go through your closet and sort out clothes, shoes and bags you don’t need any more  You can give them to charity (if still wearable) or just simply throw away if they’re damaged beyond repair. Dust your tables, lamps, cabinets, books, displays and other fixtures, and clean the floor as well. Finally, change your bed linens; high levels of humidity during winter contribute to mould and mildew so air out your pillows and mattresses to freshen them up.

The bathroom should always be kept clean, too, as it’s also prone to mould and mildew. Use a bathroom cleaner to clean out tiles and grout, corners, fixtures, the sink, the toilet bowl and the bathtub. Reorganize your medicine cabinet and throw out empty bottles and containers.

Whistle while you work

All work and no play? Why not run some get-up-and-go music while you’re at it? Cleaning is doubly fun too if you have family members helping out. Even the kids can contribute! Delegate simple tasks like picking up toys and placing them in storage bins, or folding smaller pieces of clothing.

Spring cleaning is not too daunting a task as long as you have a “can-do” attitude, a “no-fail” plan and essential tools. You deserve a clean, happy and healthy home, so get your game on and prepare to spring clean! Check out Mabel Roark’s ‘Declutter Extreme’ if you want an in-depth, proven way to declutter your whole house in record time! Happy spring cleaning!