Declutter Your Home in a Snap with these Spring Cleaning Tips!

Ah, yes! Spring is finally here! After months of biting cold and harsh weather, it’s always a welcome relief to feel the warm breeze, see more grass and trees grow, and watch flowers bloom once again. But when talking about spring, one thought comes to mind, a yearly must-do that many fear to face: spring cleaning.

Yes, the mere mention of spring cleaning might even send shivers to some, especially those who don’t know a thing or two about housekeeping. Whether you live in a tiny apartment in the city or in a four-bedroom house in the suburbs, it’s important to set aside some time to de-clutter your home at the start of spring.

Winter, for the most part, has kept us holed up in our homes and simple chores are done only to maintain our abodes in tiptop shape. However, spills on the carpet from last Christmas’ festivities or stains on the couch from New Year soirées have to go, pronto! So, grab your rubber gloves and cleaning aids and let’s get the ball, err, vacuum rolling!

A clean home equals a clear mind

You might have heard of the saying that a clean home reflects a clear mind. This is very true, and I for one try to keep my place spick-and-span as much as possible. Cleaning helps me to de-clutter my mind as well, and sometimes, it’s a great stress reliever. Spring symbolizes new beginnings and what better way to start anew than with a clear mind and a clean home. To start de-cluttering and cleaning your home, you just need to know a few things:

Location, location, location

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Be glad you’re not cleaning that…

First off, you need to analyse the situation. Yep, look around your home and assess what has to be done. Are there old newspapers and magazines you need to throw away? Do you have clothes you don’t wear any more?  You don’t have to spend the whole day cleaning; you can even set a weekly or weekend schedule. It could take you a week or a month to spring clean, but that’s okay as long as you stick to it from start to finish.

When making a schedule, set your goals by what I believe is the most effective way — by room or location. Start with the most important parts of the home – from the living room then the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and finally, the bathroom. If you have more than one bedroom, start with the master bedroom first followed by the smaller rooms. If you have a garage, attic and basement, add them to your schedule as well.

Spring cleaning essentials

Ready to fight clutter? Before you do, every home warrior needs the right arsenal. We’re talking about cleaning essentials! Head to the supermarket first and stock up on these cleaning aids:

• Sponges, rags, scrubs and wipes in different sizes and absorbencies, plus rubber gloves
• A mop, broom and dustpan (your vacuum will also work for tough dirt and dust bunnies)
A duster (they’re available in different lengths for hard-to-reach areas)
• Cleansers for the floor, (choose one that’s safe to use on all floor surfaces), the kitchen and bathroom
Stain remover for carpets and couch fabrics
• Furniture polish and floor waxes
• Garbage bags in various sizes