10 Simple Ways To Deal With Screaming or Crying Kids Around The House!

Have you experienced that moment before? Where you’re expected to deal with some noisy crying kids? Perhaps you’re a parent and you’re simply looking for some ways to help you effectively manage your crying and disconsolate child?

Fear not! Here are 10 simple ideas for you to helping you manage your kids!

1. Give a healthy snack!

Give a nice (small) treat to the little one. This will get the attention of the previously distracted toddler. Of course, use this method sparingly because if this results in a pavlovian response (crying/screaming = treats), that wouldn’t be good would it?

2. Sing a super silly nonsensical song.

Or simply hum along to the toddler’s favorite tune. Encourage the little one to sing along or hum along with you, make sure you make exaggeration mouth and hand gestures to seize the attention of the screaming or crying kid.

Request for ‘assistance’ and say ‘could you please help me sing the song again? I can’t seem to remember it now’. Kids love to be helpful and anything that you can frame as you needing their help would get extra attention from them!

3. Youtube is a parent/babysitter/caretaker’s best friend!

Yes indeed! You can find tons (hours and months worth) of nursery rhyme for kids. There are so many colorful, catchy songs for kids out there and you bound to find a number of songs that will help ‘entertain’ your little one.

In case you aren’t already aware, some popular songs include ‘wheels on the bus‘ and ‘5 little ducks’ etc. One example video for ‘wheels on the bus’:

Keep their attention enraptured with family friendly and fun videos or add them to your playlists so they go on and on and on.

(Bear in mind to not overdo it though! Always show videos in moderation!)

4. Hide and seek! Peek a boo!

Tell the toddler that you’ve hid YOUR favorite toy, again, ask for his/her help in finding it and promise a reward if the toy is found. Kids love an adventure and what is more adventurous than playing hide and seek with your ‘toy’.

Make sure you keep the toy ‘visible’ enough and not too difficult and always try to keep the kid in sight – you never know where they might innocently try to look!

5. Read a story – something as ludicrous as possible.

Regale them with tales of incredible logic. Snow White is passe. Beauty and the beast is overdone. Give something fresh and new and make it personal. Some suggestions:

“You know, I might a dragon the other day and I took me on a monster fighting trip…”

“I saw a witch last week and she gave me a magical key…”

This is very effective because (1) kids will probably believe anything you say and (2) they love stories – especially stories involving someone they know.

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Take a mirror, or better, bring them to a large mirror and show them how ‘screamy’ or how ‘ugly’ they look. They are surprised sometimes to see how their faces look like and when you gently suggest something along the lines like: “see, you don’t look so nice now!” or “what happened to that cute little kid I always knew and loved…”, expect to see something change in them!

7. Nurture the music prodigy that is your kid.

Have a guitar, piano or ukulele lying around? Entrust these to them for a bit and let them have a go at it! (You should keep that prized stradivarius out though) Kids are curious creatures and would love nothing more than a chance to ‘play’ at an instrument and perform for you!

Make sure you dole out lots of applause and ‘wows’!

8. Tried and tested funny faces!

Rinse and repeat. Get the toddler to follow and intimate you as well. Kids love imitating adults! Once they start copying you, they are too busy trying to keep up to remember why they are screaming or crying.

Try to be as silly and as exaggerated as you can with your facial expressions. Best to couple it with weird (to us), high pitched sounds.

9. Dance!

Turn on YouTube or any kiddie songs or just break into a random dance! Your moving body would be a good distraction and focal point for the toddler. Encourage him/her to join in the dance and make it as fun as possible

10. Ask for help

Don’t be shy nor ashamed to ask for help. Remember, there may always be someone more experienced and better skilled to deal with the screaming or crying toddler. This says nothing about your parenting/babysitting skill but rather presents an opportunity for you to pick up some new tactics!

Keep an open mind!

So there you have it 10 simple but very effective ways to distract, cajole and entertain the toddlers in your house! Do you’ve any proven techniques to handle or distract a crying toddler or screaming toddler? Share with us in the comments section below!