12 Essential Things That Young Moms Must Know:

  1. There’ll be a lot of comparing in the air.

Your friend is having this big break at their company. Another friend’s finishing a second degree. And another one’s making out with the richest man in town. O, boy, aren’t they just lucky? Stop thinking that they’re more fortunate than you. Everyone’s got issues. Nobody’s life is that perfect to get head over heal jealous about.

Think about the great kid sleeping soundly in the crib and the smile she brings to your lips. O, and that hunk hugging you on cold nights. They don’t have that. Maturity and stability are just an inch from you now; while they still struggle for childishness and vanity.

  1. You’ll be more likely lonely and isolated.
As lonely as this phone booth you'll be?

As lonely as this phone booth you’ll be?

You greatly fear that nobody would understand you—even your parents, and most definitely not your in-laws. They will never know how juggling responsibilities feels like. They are not there to see it and you don’t have time to gossip about yourself. Pretty much especially when there are piles of chores to iron out in a day, which leads to…

  1. You’ll be sucked into your own world.

Here’s the catch. Once you’re married, you’ll be most unlikely be acquainted with new people anymore. Also, little time with your old circle will be available. It’ll be more on baby food and hubby diets now than party buffets.

  1. You’ll have priority issues.

To tell you the truth, you’re going to be crammed with more than just chores and family. You’ll also be thinking about working, earning some green, and pleasing yourself more often. To-do lists are nothing more than wish lists for now.

  1. You’ll be developing phobias.


You just left your baby in the crib and after a minute, you just see yourself panting by his side again. When you gradually develop a sense of motherhood, you’ll see yourself thinking a little more ahead than usual—like having a foresight but somewhat over the edge.

  1. Your chance for maturity is high.

Citing number 7 on this list, yes, you’ll definitely be more matured than your peers. Don’t fret. Maturity is not technically about the physical side of us. It’s more on experience and sense of responsibility. You’ll be thinking like an adult from now on. No more dilly-dallying—and that’s a good thing.

The life of a first-time mom is really challenging. But hey, it’s not all that bad. At the end of the day:

Young moms, we’d love to hear from you! Join in the conversation, what do you think are the ‘must know’ things for fledgling mothers in the comments below!