12 Essential Things That Young Moms Must Know:

12 Essential Things Young Moms Must Know

Alarm’s set to 4AM but, no, you’re not rushing for an exam. At 4, you’re already rushing breakfast, the laundry, and last night’s dishes on a roll. At 20-something, you feel you’ve aged a millennium – and there’s no one to pat your back. No one seems to empathize with your daily struggles.

So if you have kids at 20 (or younger), here are 12 essential things young moms must definitely learn how to manage:

  1. You’ll be having personal

Have you been to the spa lately? How about some hair color? Or have you two hours for yoga or some book reading to spare? With the tons of laundry, dishes, and other chores around the house, do you still have time for yourself? The problem with young moms is their diminishing concern for their physical and mental selves right after pregnancy.

You’re no Super Woman, lady. A little lipstick and facial wash is only a harmless tiny scrap from your budget. Don’t forget about the hobbies you had before. Make time with friends and family. If you have a degree to finish or you just don’t want the oil up there to coagulate, do readings or browse the internet. A happy wife means a happy life, they all say.

  1. You’ll need to deal with “firsts”.

First-time mommy? You’ll be dealing more of that. It’s also first word, first walk, first food, first stroll, and so on. You’ll be experiencing new and foreign things being a young mom. You’ll be worried at the start, but after that, you’ll be glad you’re actually there.

  1. You’ll utter more should have’s and what if’s

Admit it: you’re no fortune teller. You’re young, innocent, and totally inexperienced with the ways of the world.There’s no point in contemplating about what should have happened years ago. Focus on today, learn from your mistakes, and make a move for tomorrow.

  1. You’ll be subjected to stereotyping.
Prime example of stereotypes. This is inaccurate of course...

Prime example of stereotypes. This is pictorial representation is inaccurate of course…

What is so pathetic about people is that they usually brand others based on what society dictates! Never ever believe them when they say you won’t be successful anymore just because you have an “extra baggage” to think about. There are more positive things in parenting than you’ll ever think of.

  1. You’ll get annoying unsolicited comments.

This is basically one of the things that make young moms feel chagrined of admitting that they are mothers already. You’ll hear side comments that are not only humiliating at times, but are also morally degrading.

Hush them by focusing on your role as a good home-maker. If you’re the assertive type, hop on a promising new career. Show them you’re not that easy.

  1. You’ll be competing with roles

Being a mom to your little one is not really a problem. Nor the task of meeting your husband’s demands too tough. It’s balancing the role between mother, wife and YOU that’s making the job complicated.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s high time you learn how to strategize. Husbands only need some pampering. Children, well once they have just a parcel of their caprices, they’ll be quieter than ever.