9 Ways To Perk Up Your Mornings!

Good morning sunshine!

Whether it’s a bright sunny day or a cloudy one, waking up at the right side of the bed spells a great productive day. A right start is a great way to have a great day. No “I’m not a morning person” excuses here. No grumpiness “before I have my first cup of coffee.” A few words of caution: these steps are not quick fixes.

1.      The Snooze Button is EVIL!

Smash it with a hammer...not!

Smash it with a hammer…not!

If you set the alarm for a particular time, then wake up at the time that it goes off. Getting that extra 10 minutes from the snooze is procrastination. You are sending the signal to the universe that you are going to put off what you can put off. Repeatedly pressing the snooze button is a sign that you don’t want to get up yet; thus, you are starting the day by prolonging the inevitable and you are seeing the act of waking up as an agony. Be disciplined enough to respect the time that you yourself had set.

2.       Smile and be grateful.

Even before you open your eyes, stretch your mouth and smile. A smile attracts positive energy and nothing beats a smile to perk up your morning.  It is a positive reaction that will allow all positive energies to come to you. Show gratitude to the universe for a bright day ahead of you. The attitude of gratitude is a powerful way to see the good things that are happening in your life and prepares you for the beauty of what lies ahead.

3.       Have a “me” time.

Mornings are the best times to have a “me” time. The rest of the day is spread out to fulfilling our other responsibilities – to our family, to our job and to other people. Before the rest of the world wakes up and grabs your attention, fulfill your responsibility to yourself first.   This can bring you a sense of serenity that you will need to meet the pressures of your day.

4.       Feed your mind and soul.

If you are the religious type, open your Bible and read. The inspiring words from your Higher Power will jumpstart your morning and set the tone for your day. You can also use your devotional to center you and to reflect. If you are into meditation, go to your happy place and visualize a happy day for yourself. You can use other motivational techniques like power quotes, inspirational songs, your dream board or your bucket list. Feeding your mind and your soul will give you the strength and inspiration to face the mornings.

5.       Sing and dance.

A good music and a quick shake of the body are good energizers. Belt out a happy song and you will feel happy juices penetrate your body. Of course, dancing is a fun way to exercise and interestingly gives you confidence.

6.       Exercise.

This is one activity that some people put off or just squeeze in when they have a free time. Bear in mind that exercising in the morning actually gives you enough energy to go through your day. Make this a part of your morning routine and you will see the benefits that extend passed your mornings.

7.       Have a hearty breakfast.

Don't gorge yourself silly though...

Don’t gorge yourself silly though…

It bears repeating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as a lot of studies have shown. Hitting the snooze button a million times robs you of your time to fix a good breakfast. Chances are you will skip breakfast so as not to be late for work or school. But going through your day on an empty tank is very counter-productive – you will have less energy, less focus, and will put you in a not-so-good mood. All these contribute to a bad day.

8.       Have a good night’s sleep.

What?! Hey, life is a cycle. The previous night will determine if you can actually say no to the snooze button. Your morning starts when your evening ends. Your evening’s sleep also depends on how the rest of your day goes (yup, including your morning).

9.       Make all of these a part of your morning routine.

I told you, these are not quick fixes.  Sure, waking up to the smell of good coffee and bacon frying in the pan is a great idea and can perk up your morning. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to have that every single morning. Perking up your mornings is a habit that should be formed. There’s no fairy that will magically turn your mornings into a fantastic one. The quality of your mornings is your responsibility, not the coffee’s or other stimulants.

PS:  Don’t be a victim of the mad morning rush. Having a healthy morning routine changes your outlook in life and ensures the success of the whole day. Ironically, having a morning routine doesn’t make your day longer, it actually makes it liveable.