Eight Ways to Tell if your Partner is Cheating on You

  1. Increased spending. Illicit affairs often require substantial funds to maintain. Hotel rooms, travel, meals, gifts and such can represent significant expenditures. If the original partners share bank accounts, this will be hidden under increased bank withdrawals. With separate accounts, the spending can lead to excuses for not spending on items that are usually not a problem.
  2. Lots of overtime or frequent business trips. Is your partner spending more and more time “at work”? Or perhaps going away “for work” more frequently? This is especially of concern when the job did not previously require much travelling. Business trips are the perfect getaway for romantic interludes especially for office romances.
  3. Sudden changes in hairstyle and dress. Partners usually don’t spend much effort thinking about their wardrobe after the initial lust has worn off. When a new flame appears, much more effort goes into improving one’s appearance. A cheating partner may suddenly pay much more attention to fly away hair or a loose tie.

    Mileage...keep an eye on that.

    Mileage…keep an eye on that.

  4. Excessive mileage on the car. Secret rendezvous often involve extra trips to lovers’ nests. This will of course add to a car’s mileage (unless other forms of transportation are available).

So if a number of these signs and signals rings true, and you’ve checked your own insecurities at the door, what’s to be done? Sadly, many people suffer their partner’s infidelity far too long, not wanting to face the truth and definitely not wanting to confront the situation. It will be unpleasant, after all.

However, the longer you wait, the worse it will be. People are often unfaithful because they feel something is missing in their lives, and if you can address this problem early on, there may be ways to save your relationship and even improve it. Quite a few happy, long-term relationships have survived the test of infidelity at one time or another, and they usually report that this process helped them become closer than ever. However, the longer an affair goes on, the greater the distance between you and your partner, and the more difficult it will be to bridge that gap. So take a deep breath, knowing you can survive any outcome that comes your way, and face the truth with your partner.


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