The Easy 10-step Smokey Eye Tutorial

Did you know that you can achieve a sexy, smokey eye with just 10 steps and a few cosmetic products?

Well, most women don’t really think so and they hesitate a little bit in attempting the smokey eye look because, A. they think it’s too complicated to do that only pros can do it, and B. they think that you probably need a lot of fancy-shmancy make-up products to make the look possible.

While top of the line make-up products help, you do not necessarily have to have them to make the smokey eye look. You’ll be just fine using what you already have! You might even be surprised at how easy — not to mention how quick — it is to do! And, the best part is, people will think that you had your smokey eyes done by a pro when all you really had to do was follow these 10 easy-to-do steps.

Ready to turn heads?

Here’s what you need first:

  • 2 brown eyeshadow colors – The first eyeshadow should be taupe-ish in color and the other should be more of a chocolate brown. Do not go out right now and buy the exact same colors. Whatever will work so long as one is lighter and the other darker.
  • 2 bright but neutral colored eyeshadows
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner – Whatever you have there, may it be pencil, gel, or liquid eyeliner, it is going to work as long as it is black.
  • Mascara
  • Brow Liner – We mustn’t forget that brows will contribute greatly to the outcome of the look.
  • Basic cosmetic tools: An eyelash curler, make-up brushes, and q-tips.

Now on to the FUN part…

Step 1:

eye aye captain

eye eye captain

It’s always good to start with a clean and moisturized face. It’s advisable to start with your eyes first if you’re doing a smokey eye look because of eyeshadow fall out. We do not want that, do we? So today, it’s going to be all about the eyes.

Step 2:

eye I draw and draw

eye draw and draw

Once you’re done with cleansing and moisturising  brush your brows upward (to produce an arch) and fill them in with whatever brow liner or brow powder you already have.

Step 3:


 Now, let’s move on to erasing bags and veins. Put a dot of concealer on your eyelid, your eye bags and near your brow bone. Concealer will also help the eyeshadow stick better and show up better. You can also use a primer if you have one.

Don’t be afraid to blend the concealer with your fingers. You can also use a foundation brush. Either way works! Just make sure you dab and blend.

Step 4:


Time to paint on the colors! Start by highlighting your brow bone. You can use a shiny peachy color or any shimmery light color that you have.

You have to know that there’s a distinct difference between glittery and shimmery. Maybe we can stay away from the “glittery” for a while, just for this look.


  • g

    worst smokey eye iv ever seen. that is not at all how u do it. u would know that if u had any type of make up schooling. nice try tho .

    • Hi, thank you for your comments. We’re sorry that you didn’t think it is a good guide. Many of our readers, though, liked this guide. In any case, we will strive to put out even better content in future. Thank you!

  • Icey

    useless article. not how you do eyes. article is badly written! grammar isn’t any better! a waste of time. wonder why this is your most recommended…

  • Liz

    This is a very pretty look, but I wouldn’t really call it a “smokey eye”. Smokey eyes are dark and intense, and you tend to go with very dark eyeshadow colors for that look. This one is a very basic look that most people wear everyday, granted it does look very good. But it’s nothing close to what an actual smokey eye look is supposed to be.

    • Dear Liz, thank you for your feedback, we will be sure to improve on the content in a future post 🙂